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Canadian leader in eco-responsible aquaculture!

Canadian leader in eco-responsible aquaculture!

Current projects
Wôlinak Aquaculture

The name Wôlinak means "the river of long bends" in the Abenaki language. This is the name of the community of the first people who occupied the territory of the Bécancour region, namely the Abenaki First Nation of Wôlinak, part of the Waban-Aki Nation.

In collaboration with the Abenaki Council of Wôlinak, the CanAqua Group is currently working on the establishment of an aquaculture complex in the Parc Industriel et Portuaire de Bécancour. This $ 85 million project will produce 3,000 metric tons of rainbow trout per year, or approximately 850 000 fish!

In addition to focusing on eco-responsible production and the creation of local wealth, the project will generate 25 direct jobs.

Eco-responsible fish farming, carried out according to the principles of sustainable development in collaboration with local communities, this is what the Wôlinak Aquaculture project will be.

Our Vision

The CanAqua Group leads the Canadian industry towards sustainable agricultural practices by selecting, integrating and constructing state-of-the-art facilities that have little footprint on the natural environment and that provide the best growing conditions for our fish. It is a victory for everyone, including the consumer, who receives fresh, healthy, lean, toxin-free and amazing tasting fish.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team brings together specialists from different fields of expertise with extensive experience in their fields of activity. Our company aims more than doing aquaculture: we plan to transform the ways of doing things and get Quebec to exploit its immense potential in this field. To achieve these ambitious goals, our team works closely with leading players in the global aquaculture industry. Our facilities will be equipped with cutting-edge technologies that the establishment of a research and development service will allow us to optimize.

Our Values

The way of doing business and behaving in its relations with all stakeholders is very important to the founders of the CanAqua Group. We are very attached to the values discussed below, which strongly guide our actions.

TAs an integral part of our culture, the French language is also part of our heritage, which is why the CanAqua Group agrees and supports the measures put in place to safeguard and promote it.

TWe also believe that the culture of our company must be alive and well across all employees, every day.


We respect those who occupied the land before us. Their contribution and involvement are always appreciated. In fact, the first people approached for each of our projects are from this region. Our goal is to work in partnership with them and contribute to the improvement and empowerment of their communities. We are deeply concerned about the preservation and vitality of the languages and cultures of the local First Nations.

We recognize that we can only thrive and be successful as a strong community.

We seek to involve stakeholders in the process of setting up our projects in order to make them optimal for all.

We want to be creators of wealth in the communities in which we work. Local purchasing and the involvement of local partners are thus enhanced.


We honor the values we cherish and seek to bring them to life every day through our words and actions.

Being with integrity and true to our values, we are willing to forgo opportunities and gains for the benefit of integrity and respect for our organization, its values and its employees.

We do not hesitate to get involved in order to build solid and lasting partnerships.


We are fully aware of our responsibility towards our individual and collective destiny.

The necessary measures are taken to develop responsible projects that seek to reduce our impact on the community and the environment.

In the same vein, we are investing a lot of our energies to take positive steps in improving the world.

Creativity and Innovation

We encourage the expression of our creativity, our uniqueness and our singularity.

We place great value on the process of exploring ideas, the uncomfortable state of questioning yourself, and the ambiguity inherent in the growth process.

We bring together the necessary ingredients to bring about change and develop a culture of innovation rooted in our actions.


At the base of any successful and constructive relationship is respect. It is cultivated in all of our relationships. Consequently, our approach does not tolerate words and actions that go against a person's respect, integrity and uniqueness.

We are constantly striving to create a stimulating work environment that allows every human being to feel valued and respected.

We act respectfully with our employees, suppliers, customers and partners and we behave with humility and diplomacy in all situations.


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